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‌Coffee Cherry Tea
Thogarihunkal Estate, Chikmagalur, Karnataka
A little known byproduct of coffee processing, Cascara is the dried skin of coffee cherries which you can brew as you would any other loose leaf tea. You can brew it hot or cold but we recommend skipping the milk but adding sugar as to your preference. Besides ‘Cascara’, this infusion is also known as Coffee Cherry Tea.
To get Cascara from the coffee plant, the coffee fruits are picked when they are bright red and ripe, and then washed processed and sent through a pulper to separate the beans. The beans are then dried and roasted to make coffee, while the skin is dried to make Cascara.
Each pack contains 75g of Cascara
HOT : Steep 2 tbsp Cascara in 220ml (approx 1 cup) water, at around 95 C (2 mins off the boil). Strain out cherries after 3 mins and enjoy while hot. Add sugar to your liking for a sweet tea, or a slice of lemon for an uplifting refreshment. Do not use boiling water.
COLD : Steep 4 tbsp Cascara in 300ml (approx 1.5 cups) cold filtered water or use a 1:30 ratio of Cascara to cold water if you would like to change the quantity. Leave covered for 14-18 hours. Strain, refrigerate and serve with ice. You can drink this straight, or add a slice of lemon, berries or mint, or add to your favourite blended juice recipe.