Baked Multigrain Flatbread Wingreens


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‌Our Baked Multigrain Flat Bread is the perfect healthy platform to test out our various dips.
Health Benefits: Flaxseeds containing Omega 3 essential fatty acids are used to garnish this healthy flat bread. In fact, it is so yummy you will have a hard time believing that something this tasty could be good for you.
Uses: Pick your favourite Wingreens Farms dip, pair it with your favourite toppings and Baked Multigrain Flat Bread to create the perfect anytime snack.
Main Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour + Multigrains + Flax Seeds + Watermelon Seeds + Mixed Herbs
Highlights: Baked NOT fried. Vegan-Friendly.
Shelf Life: 45 days